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VCH XXX Classes

Class: Dying Natural Fibers

Instructor: Lady Merlyn
Class size: NA
Duration: 2 hours Fee: NA
Description: The first hour is preparing

for the dying process.

The second hour is dying with some discussion.


Class: Lucet 101

Instructor: Baroness Isabella & Lady Isobella Class size: 6
Duration: 4 hours Fee: NA
Description: Start your lucet journey

with this introductory class.


Class: Hand Sewing 101

Instructor: Lady Morwen
Class size: 10 Ages: 13+
Duration: 1 hour Fee: NA
Description: Learn three basic stitches (running, back and whip)

and then learn how to flat fell a seam.

Learn why to hand sew garb, finishing seams,

and how to avoid common frustrations.

Small practice kits will be provided.


Class: Beginner Kumihimo

Instructor: Lady Genovefa Guinevere
Class size: 15
Duration: 1 hour Fee: NA
Description: Learn how to make beautiful cords ready

for all your cord needs. A brief history will be provided

to give you some idea s to how kumihimo was used in period





Class: Natural Fiber to Fabrics

Instructor: Lady Merlyn
Class Size: NA
Duration: 1 hour Fee: NA
Description: A display with a simple discussion

on what clothing can be made from.

While this is meant for kids, all ages are welcome.


Class: Wooly Spammoth Puppet Making

Instructor: Lady Evelyn
Class size: 5 Ages: 1-10 (parent required) Duration: 3 hours Fee: NA
Description: Join us in making puppets of the Great Wooly Spammoth!



Children's classes

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